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A random act of kindness

Here’s the story: we had 6 old 1970s radiators taken out of our house this week, and they’ve been sitting outside the front of the house for a couple of days while we work out how to get them to the tip. This morning I decided to wander over to the builders doing an extension for our neighbours over the road and ask them if we could put them in their skip if we paid a contribution towards the skip hire. They said I’d have to ask the owners of the house, which was fair enough, so I came home again with the plan to go and ask our neighbours this evening. 4 hours passed and the doorbell rang. It was the builder I spoke to this morning, who came over to tell me that there’s a local company who’ll buy the radiators for scrap if we can get them there.

I don’t think I’ve experienced such a completely unexpected and random act of kindness for a long, long time. It’s such a simple thing, but it was so kind and considerate I was truly taken aback. I spend a lot of time reading the news and I am often overwhelmed by the negativity that surrounds us globally and locally. Today this small gesture reminded me that people are, at heart, good and kind.

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