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An introduction to blogging…

As I was singing at a concert last night I was overcome with a feeling that God was calling me to share not only my music but also my experiences with the world, so here I am, blogging!

It all started when I was 17…all those many (8!) years ago!  I had visited the Taizé community in France and had experienced such a deep sense of spirituality that I  came home burning with a desire to spend my life singing to God with the simplicity and humility that I had seen and felt at Taizé.  I have since released two albums of ecumenical music which have aimed to encompass the inclusiveness and reality of the music at Taizé; I also run a monthly Taizé service, I have given concerts, I have sung at weddings and funerals, and even at a festival attended by nearly 10,000 people!

However, it’s not just singing that I do to serve God.  I am also an RE teacher in a secondary school in Dorset.  One thing I really love about teaching is that I spend a lot of my time speaking to young people about things they are struggling with in their lives.  This has given me such a great opportunity to connect with people and to learn more about myself as well as about them.  By spending time talk to them I have become more aware of God working through me, making them feel valued and cared for.

So that’s where I am at the moment!  I’m really looking forward to this blogging experience! 🙂

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