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Beginning again!

Hello friends. It has been a long time since I’ve been in touch, and hard to know where to start. I think the title of this post says it all – it is time to begin again!

As you may know, I recorded ‘Still is the Word’ in 2008 and released my other albums every 3 years since then. What you may not know is that I have been a full time secondary school teacher of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics since September 2009. I have always found it hard to split myself between singing to the Lord and giving my students the focus and attention they deserve, and so this year I’ve stopped teaching. I also got married two weeks after the end of my last term as a teacher, so it is all change!

When I’ve written the songs that I’ve been blessed to write I’ve always felt that it isn’t me writing; it’s as if I am being given them to share. I so hope that God is calling me back to writing and singing songs to bring comfort to people in these troubled times, and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. But as ever, the prayer on my lips is ‘thy will be done’. As we near the festival of Christmas I’m already unashamedly listening to Christmas carols already and loving every one of them!

Of course, if I were to plan to record a Christmas album I would love to know what carols you’d like to hear on it! Please do comment and let me know your favourites.┬áThere are so many that I love, choosing is a near impossible task!

In Christ love and service,

Kathryn x

4 thoughts on “Beginning again!

  1. Annie Saberwal says:

    Kathryn, all of the carols are good. Could you go back and do one of the BIG basics, like Oh Come All You Faithful or whatever, in a new and inclusive way with your former pupils? They may relate to god at Christmas time every year, their parents too, if they have an input into the CD.
    You sing like an angel, I feel so grateful to my friend for telling me about you and to you for being you! Sing on -and may God bless your music ministry. Be a sort of Pied Piper, drawing others after you, not into a closed mountain (like the Piper) but to a life of hope, friendship, peace and alongsidedness wih God.
    God Bless you, Annie

  2. Louise Mcdonnell says:

    Hi Kathryn

    I think “O holy night” would suit your voice and it’s one of my faves. Your voice is heavenly. I found your albums on iTunes.


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